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Boom Crane manufacturers
STSQ18D 18 ton crane, mobile crane, good quality truck crane
Energy-saving hydraulic system
Triple gear pump, load feedback and constant power control are applied to provide strong lifting capacity and good micromobility.
Unique steering buffer design is applied to ensure stable braking operation.
Safety devices
The load moment limiter equipped with the comprehensive intelligent protection system is used with accuracy within 3% to provide a comprehensive logic and interlock control, thus ensuring more safe and reliable operation
Quality warranty&#65306;
Quality warranty of truck crane for 12 months after goods arrive at destination port. SITONG company provide easy wearing parts for free and delivered together with the cranes. In case that truck cranes have problem, we will provide technical support and instruction as much as possible. For dealers, we are willing to cooperate with partner to set up spare parts stock in related country or district.
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